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Sydney Taylor Book Awards, Notable Book 2001.

Lilith Magazine’s 5th Annual Selection of Books for Young Readers

Included in Great Books for Girls, by Kathleen Odean (Random House)

“Kanefield weaves a suspenseful tale of friendship and love.” —Hadassah Magazine.

“In Prague in 1778, when Jews were forced to live behind ghetto walls, Rivka longs to see the outside world. One day, she sets out, disguising herself, for safety, as a Gentile boy. What she discovers outside the ghetto walls dramatically changes the way she views her neighbors, her family, herself, and her future. Rivka’s Way captures the curiosity, compassion, and determination of a young girl struggling to find her place in the world.” —From the Babaganews Study Guide

“The details of daily life are completely convincing, the foreign setting is made familiar, and Rivka’s character rings true. A rewarding read for the romantically inclined.”—School Library Journal

“A simple but daring adventure.” —Voice of Youth Advocates

“This well-told tale will appeal to fans of both historical fiction and spunky female protagonists.” —Kliatt

“When Rivka befriends a man who is unjustly thrown into debtor’s jail with no recourse, she is faced with a hard decision, to risk leaving the ghetto again or to abandon this man to a grim fate. Her choice creates an uproar and deeply changes Rivka’s view of her world.”—Lilith Magazine

“Readers will be pleased to find another character who shares Rivka’s deep sense of justice.” —Booklist