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“Kanefield provides readers with an intimate examination of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, following the president from his birth in Hyde Park, New York, to his death in Warm Springs, Georgia. Along the way, readers discover Roosevelt’s complexities, his personal life, and his policies. These include well-known shining moments, such as his electoral victory in 1932 and the political and gender diversity of his cabinet, as well as darker moments in his life, including his ongoing affair with Lucy Mercer and his lavish lifestyle as a young man. . . .Those familiar with Kanefield’s other biographical works will not be disappointed. A solid account for both history buffs and report-writers.” Kirkus Reviews.

“The attack on Pearl Harbor offers a dramatic entry point into this biography, but its account of Franklin Roosevelt himself is intriguing on its own.  Kanefield . . . organizes the facts logically and provides plenty of useful background information about society, politics, and events during Roosevelt’s life . . An enjoyable and broadly informative biography of FDR.”  Booklist.