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Grateful American Book Prize: Honorable Mention

★ Starred Review: This book is an eye-opening, accurately researched, well-written depiction of Andrew Jackson and his presidency. Kanefield does an excellent job of describing Jackson’s qualities as a leader—both good and bad—while interweaving his personal life and the impact it had on his role as president. Highly Recommended. School Library Connection.

This evenhanded, largely unflattering portrait of Andrew Jackson acknowledges that he was a controversial figure in his time and remains so to contemporary Americans, venerated by some and despised by others. . . . In assessing his legacy, Kanefield observes, “Jackson’s brand of conservatism—including his nationalism and notions of white male supremacy—threads its way through American history from his time to ours, and remains a powerful force in our politics.” A concise profile that successfully reveals Jackson’s personal complexities and contradictions and his controversial legacy as a public figure. Kirkus Reviews.

“Author Teri Kanefield has crafted an exceptionally well-researched biography of President Andrew Jackson. . . . As with the author’s recent biography of Alexander Hamilton, ANDREW JACKSON: THE MAKING OF AMERICA provides amazing insight into our constitutional history and helps us understand the roots of so many persistent American conflicts. It’s a “wow” book that will blow the minds of many an adolescent reader.” —Richie Partington, Book Blogger