Mystery of the Soccer Snitch
Ghostwritten by Teri Kanefield
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Soccer Shake-Up
Written by Teri Kanefield under the pen name Rebecca Wright
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A Pocket Full of Gold

Rebecca misses her Mama, who died four years ago.

When Papa gets engaged to Melody, Rebecca is thrilled. Then Melody is jailed for theft—and Rebecca knows she didn’t do it. But who did? And who is trying to pin the crime on Melody?

Rebecca must find out!

Michael's Mighty Kick

Joshua enjoys being the star of his soccer team—until a new player joins, who is just as good as Joshua—or better.

Will their rivalry cause the team to lose their most important game?

Look Here, Hercules


Ashley wishes she had a dog!Then one day, a little terrier digs into her backyard—and the adventure begins.

A story of love at first sight.