Series Overview

By telling the story of majorAmerican heroes whose lives span our history from colonial times to the present, THE MAKING OF AMERICA series will show how America developed from a small agrarian country to a global super power, and how our government and Constitution have evolved. The lives of these six Americans overlapped and touched each other in profound and subtle ways. Their stories weave together to create a single overarching story of America’s growth. Each story becomes more interesting when fit into the larger narrative; however each biography, like Alexander Hamilton, is also a stand-alone title.

 Because the issues debated during Hamilton’s day continued to be fought over throughout American history, the concepts introduced in the first book (due process, issues of constitutional interpretation , the politics of tariffs, etc.) will be further developed in each book, while explained in such a manner that the books work as stand-alone titles as well. 

Why tell American history through a series of biographies? Because biography renders the past more human, allowing readers to relate more intimately to historical events. Complex ideas, too, are more easily understood when rendered personal. The traditional way of viewing history as a chronology of dates is not only dry—it misses the spirit of the past. History is made up of the people who influenced the course of events, people who shaped our nation through their actions—real people often driven by deep emotions such as zeal, or passion, or anger. Getting to know these people better enables us to understand the American dream and “where it came from, why it lasted so long, and why it matters so much.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Book 1: Alexander Hamilton (March 7, 2017)

Book 2: Andrew Jackson (tentative: Spring 2018

Book 3: Abraham Lincoln (to be announced)

Books 4, 5, and 6 titles to be announced.







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