Chapters 4 - 6

What did George Washington mean when he said, "The army is a dangerous instrument to play with."

Compare and contrast George Washington's leadership style and personality with Alexander Hamilton's.

Jefferson thought capitalism created an unquenchable thirst for money. Do you agree that plantation families have less of a thirst for money?

Jefferson valued individual liberty. Is it possible for a person to have total liberty? Why or why not?

Does local government increase individual liberty? Can you think of ways it does? Can you think of ways it doesn't?

How might a bank lend out more money than it has cash on hand? What would happen if a bank did that? (Hint: When the bank lends money, it does so by crediting that person's account. So the bank credits Person A's account with, say, $10,000. Person A then "buys" something from Person B by writing a check, which transfers the money to Person B's account.)






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