Chapters 1 - 3

Compare the society and culture in New York when Hamilton lived there with the Caribbean where he grew up. How were they alike? How were they different

What did Hamilton mean by: "There are strong minds in every walk of life that will rise superior to the disadvantages of a situation and will commend the tribute due to their merit, not only from the classes to which they particularly belong but from the society in general." Do you agree? Do you agree with the "every walk of life" part?

What did Hamilton mean by "In time of such commotion as the present, while the passions of men are worked up to an uncommon pitch, there is great danger of fatal extremes," and that steps must be taken to "keep men steady and within proper bounds." What kinds of steps might he have meant?

What did John Locke mean by, "Citizens exchange obedience for safety--but the contract is not binding."

John Locke also said, "The government exists by consent of the governed." In what ways is this true in the United States today? How is it not true?







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