Chapter 11 - 12

Hamilton was fine with rebellion against the king, but not rebellion against the American government. Was there hypocrisy in that? Was there any way that could be seen as self-serving?

Are taxes necessary, or evil?

Describe Hamilton's personality. Would he have made a good president?

Liberals are usually described as favoring change, while conservatives want things to remain as they are. For generations, Thomas Jefferson was seen as the liberal who progress in terms of a new world in which all people have liberty, while Hamilton was seen as the backward looking converative who wanted things to remain as they are, with a British style democracy. Can you make an argument both ways? For Jefferson as the liberal and Hamilton as the conservative and the other way around?

Should a newspaper be allowed to print anything it wants about a public figure? What if the newspaper accidentally gets facts wrong? What if the newspaper genuinely believes everything it prints?






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