Study Questions

Includes questions comparing and contrasting to Jackson

Chapter 1

One historian said Lincoln's father disliked slavery for "economic" reasons. What did he mean? Do you agree?

Both Lincoln and Jackson were born in the backwoods, Jackson in South Carolina and Lincoln in Kentucky. How were their childhood's similar? How were they different?

Chapter 2

Describe Lincoln's relationship with his father.

What do you think were the most important influences on young Abraham Lincoln?

Chapter 3

Describe Lincoln's attitude toward the Native people.

Why do you think Lincoln wanted to enter politics?

Chapter 4

Do you agree that the federal government would undertake internal improvement projects? Or do you think the federal government should remain small and weak? Why?

Before the Civil War, abolutionism never caught on with the voters. The movement remained small, with relatively few followers. Were there things they might have done to win more supporters?

Whose definition of Democracy is more accurate, Jackson's or Lincoln's?

Chapter 5

What does Lincoln's courtship and marriage tell us about his personality?

Chapters 6

Defend Lincoln's decision to concede the election to Baker.

Do you agree with Lincoln's answer to the Conscience Whig about why he voted for Clay. Can you defend the Conscience Whig's position?

Chapter 7

Do you think Lincoln "earned" the nomination for Senator because of all the work he did on behalf of the party?

Today many people say John Calhoun was a racist. Did he think he was a racist? How would he have responded to that criticism?

Chapters 8 and 9

Lincoln has been heavily criticized for not attending his father's funeral. Do you think he deserves the criticism?

At the time, Lincoln was characterized as a "moderate." Was he?

Chapter 10

Why do you think Lincoln told people that Mary was more ambitious than he was? Do you think he was consciously manipulating his public image?

Do you think Mary deserves credit for Lincoln becoming president? Why or why not?

Chapters 11

Could Lincoln have done a better job during his first year as president? How?

Was Lincoln right to suspend the writ of habeas corpus? Why or why not?

Chapter 12

How did Andrew Jackson pave the way for President Lincoln?

People have argued--at the time of the Civil War, and ever since--that the Civil War was not fought over slavery, it was fought over states' rights. What do you think of those arguments?

Chapter 13

Did the North go too far in destroying the South?



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